The Quality of Die Casting and the Relationship Between the Mold

Die is the main tool of die casting, so when designing the die, attention should be paid to making the die’s overall structure and the die parts’ structure reasonable, easy to manufacture, easy to use, safe and reliable.

To make the mold in the die-casting process without deformation, metal liquid in the mold flow stable can evenly make die-casting cooling, fully automatic die-casting and no failure. In addition, according to the production batch, material situation and so on, reasonable selection of suitable mold material.

一.The mould structure should be reasonable, and the structure of the mold parts should also be reasonable

From the point of view of strength, the mold parts are designed as good, strong and durable, not easy to damage in use, and not easy to deform. But if the die-casting shape is complex, the mold parts are also complex, making the mould processing difficult, and the accuracy of processing is not high. If the mold parts are a combination, the processing is greatly simplified, and it is easy to obtain high processing accuracy and high-quality die casting.

二.The number of cavities to decide.

Decide the number of cavities, considering the capacity of the equipment, mold processing difficulties, the production batch’s size, and the casting requirements’ accuracy.

三.The design of the pouring system.

The pouring system is not only the channel of liquid metal filling die-casting type but also has a regulating effect on the molten liquid flow speed and pressure transmission as well as exhaust conditions, die-casting type thermal stability and other factors. So the design of the pouring system must analyze the structural characteristics of the casting, technical requirements, alloy types and their characteristics, but also consider the type and characteristics of the die-casting machine to design a reasonable pouring system.

四.the exhaust system design.

Mold should have enough overflow range of overflow tank and exhaust channel, which is important to ensure product quality.

hardware die casting parts 4

五.Mold temperature

Die-casting mold temperature is an important factor affecting the quality of the casting; improper mold temperature not only affects the internal and external quality of die-casting but also affects the casting size accuracy and even casting deformation so that die-casting mold cracking so that the casting surface to form a difficult to remove the mesh burr, affecting the appearance of die-casting quality. Take aluminium alloy as an example; the alloy temperature is 670 ~ 710 degrees into the casting; in long-term production practice summed up, the best temperature of the mold should be controlled in the casting temperature of 40%, aluminium die-casting mold temperature of 230 ~ 280 degrees, mold temperature in this range is conducive to obtain high quality and high yield castings.

Mold generally does not use gas or electric heating but preheating cooling device. These devices must use oil as a medium, preheating and cooling the mold.

六.The molding parts size decision

Calculate the size of the die-casting parts selected die-casting material shrinkage rate should be in line with the actual. Otherwise, it will lead to the production of substandard products.

hardware die casting parts 2

七.The decision on the location of the parting surface

The location of the parting surface will affect the mold processing, exhaust, product release, etc.. Usually, the parting surface will leave a trace line on the product, affecting the product’s surface quality and dimensional accuracy. Therefore, when designing the location of the parting surface, in addition to taking into account the product release, mold processing, exhaust, etc., the location of the parting surface can be placed in places where the product surface quality requirements are not high, or the dimensional accuracy is not high.

八.The mold can not be deformed

Often due to unreasonable mold structure or improper selection of mold materials, resulting in mold cracks and deformation in use, which leads to product failure; for this reason, appropriate measures must be taken in the design to ensure the quality of the product.

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