Complete Solution To Die Casting Surface Finishing

After completing all aspects of die casting and machining, we provide support services for the perfect surface finishing. We don’t leave it to our customers until the job is done.

We provide technical as well as advisory support in choosing the right surface treatment, along with the right quality control protocols. From functional and protective grade to commercial and decorative coatings, you will be fully equipped to customize your project to perfection.

Methods of Surface Finishing

Anodizing: Coated with a layer of  oxide in order to prevent further oxidation. Available in various colors, including red, blue and black, etc. Affordable option for increased durability, corrosion resistance, and attractive apperance.


Ecoat: It uses an electric current to deposit the paint.  Provides long-term protection against corrosion and is usually cheaper than other paint options.It is usually used on its own, but can also be used as a base coat for subsequent coats such as powder coating. Traditionally, it is more functional than decorative.


Paint:Paint or powder coat paint is a natural coating for your die cast parts.

Chrome plating:Provides a mirror-like finish. There is bright chrome that is used quite a bit in the automotive industry.

Powder Coat: One of the most popular finishes. It’s cured at higher temperatures so it is a tougher finish. Generally, scratch and ding resistant.

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Recent Metal Die Casting Suface Finishing Projects

V1 Die Cast Group has developed a complete solution for metal die casting with surface finishings and manufacturing for 10+ years. Recently the projects we are completing with our customers are as follow:

Wine Bottle Opener Shell

Wine Bottle Opener Shell - Baking Paint Surface Finishing

die e-cigarette shell casing

E-cigarette shell -Electroplating Surface Finishing

Bluetooth speaker shell

Bluetooth Speaker Shell- Baking Paint Surface Finishing

electroplating process aluminum components(1)

Wireless Charging Base -Electroplating Surface Finishing

die-cast aluminum anode product

Aluminum Anode Surface Finishing

die-cast aluminum anode products

Aluminum Surface Anodizing Process

Our Manufacturing Equipment For Surface Finishing

The Common Surface Finishing FAQs:

What are the methods of surface finishing for aluminum die casting?

Aluminum alloy die casting surface treatment is divided into pre-treatment and post-treatment. Pre-treatment removes the surface oxide and oil, increases the adhesion of post-treatment and improves the effect’s appearance. The most commonly used aluminium alloy die casting surface pre-treatment are shot blasting, sandblasting, and phosphating. Post-treatment is generally used spraying, oxidation, electroplating, and electrophoresis.

What surface treatments are available for zinc alloy die casting?

Zinc alloy surface treatments are sandblasting, polishing, electroplating, makeup coating, electrophoresis, etc. Sandblasting uses mechanical shot blasting to treat the surface of zinc alloy castings into a nibbling or pockmarking effect. Polishing uses mechanical polishing to treat the surface of zinc alloy castings into a shiny mirror effect. Electroplating uses electrochemical methods to coat the surface of zinc alloy castings with a decorative surface effect.

What surface treatments ADC12 die casting could use?

ADC 12 is the most commonly used die casting material. Many surface treatments are available. Such as electrophoresis, baking paint, skin film, and electroplating, etc.

What surface finishings magnesium alloy die casting could use?

The general surface treatment of magnesium alloy die casting should be divided into surface film treatment and surface appearance treatment. Although these two are related to each other, in the process and technology, there is a big difference. Its primary function is not the same. So it is necessary to explicitly state the use and function of your workpiece to tell you the actual surface treatment method. 

You could send your project files to us, and our professional engineers will evaluate the projects and help you to get high quality products.

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