With 15 years experiences, High precision die casting products production.

Served Industries with Auto, Electrical, Outdoor Led, Home Appliance, Medical, etc…


Suitable For All Applications Die Casting Soulution

Our die casting products cover a wide range of fields such as automotive products, 3C electronics, led products, medical devices, home appliance, etc. 

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New energy vehicle drive motor control 3-in-1 controller housing

Auto Accessories

  • We can ensure quality manufacturing for auto die casting parts, new-energy auto die casting parts, as a professional manufacturer of energy-conserving and environmentally-friendly engines, gearboxes, and colored metal die casting parts for new energy automobiles in China.

Medical Products

  • V1 diecast, offers the precision medical gas outlet and terminal unit manufacturers for over 15 years.
  • We understand the need for companies specialising in the medical appliances market with global partners, our strict quality control and advanced technology make us as a leader in China Die Casting Industry.
  • V1 Diecast was produced many kinds of led die casting products, including light fitting, led street light housing, home appliance led housing, and home bulb housing, etc.
  • All kinds of materials we uesed, including aluminum, zinc, magnesium, etc. Send you project right now, get the quote.

Hardware Accessories

  • We Provide Full Service, Custom Die Casting Solutions.
  • V1 diecast supplies handware die casting solutions to a wide range of customers with diverse applications. Our customers require high quality products and we deliver complex, high-strength, near-net-shape components with thin walls and critical tolerances—at low unit cost.

Home Appliance

  • V1 diecast offers the great attractive die casting parts, inclduing diecast household fixtures from bath grips to cooker dials and kitchen cabinet door handles, etc.
  • Above all our customers require high-quality components that combine superior aesthetic appearance with assured strength , thin wall integrity and critical tolerance conformity. 

Electrical Casting Products

  • V1 diecast company has great experience for electrical aluminum and zinc parts on design and production. According to your requirements, we make sure to produce the precision die casting products for you.
  • With ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certifications, guaranteed product quality.

Die Casting Standard High Quality Products

16 Processes Inspection

diecasting parts vs hardness
diecasting parts vs smooth

High precision material die-casting, uniform, density, not easy to fracture, deformation, stable quality.

The use of impurity materials, immature die-casting process, the finished product is easy to damage.

After automatic polishing, manual rechecking and then polishing to ensure a burr-free surface and overall smoothness.

Machine polished, directly out of the warehouse, rough surface, no one check.

The use of environmentally friendly lacquer and advanced baking process, and then polishing treatment, color value stability, full of texture.

Use of traditional spray paint, color value is not uniform, the luminosity is dark.

Adopt special packaging for die-casting products, so as to protect the surface of products by taking them lightly and isolating them from each other.

No professional management, placed everywhere, products wear and scratch each other.

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    More About V1 Diecast You Want To Know

    What is V1 die casting aluminum production capacity?

    With more than 10+ LK die casting machines, we have the highest capacity to provide our customers with the highest quality parts. 15 years of die casting experience, and a team of excellent R&D engineers, using a wide range of materials, advanced machines, and years of experience, help to manufacture products that fully meet your needs.
    V1 Diecast has been supplying quality parts to customers worldwide since its inception. As one of the world’s leading die casting manufacturers, we take 100% responsibility for the quality of our products.

    What die casting alloys are available for V1 Diecast?

    We are allowed to produce popular aluminum alloys, zinc alloys, etc., such as ADC12, A380, zamak3, zamak 5, etc. You can also ask us to use other material alloys of your choice, evaluate which alloy is more suitable for your project, and communicate with our engineers. We do our best to meet the needs of our customers.

    What V1 Diecast has done aluminum die casting application industries?

    Automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, motorcycle manufacturing, motor manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision instruments, landscaping, electric power construction, building decoration, and other industries.
    We have a strong team and rich production experience. Don’t worry. We will help you solve all problems according to your project requirements.

    How do you guarantee the quality of your die casting parts?

    We with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 certifications. These certifications signify our superior quality management system, compliance with environmental requirements, and international standards for quality management in the production of automotive parts.
    In addition, we have advanced QA testing equipment, CMM equipment, and a 16-step process to measure the accuracy of your parts. Our experienced quality control team detects any defects in your parts, and we thoroughly inspect each part to ensure that you get the absolute best quality from us, which is more conducive to your quick market launch and excellent quality that allows you to capture market share.

    Do you also provide aluminum die casting services to companies in other countries?

    Yes, we provide aluminum die casting services worldwide. We have overseas placement teams that can communicate offline about projects if needed, and most of our customers are from Europe, Asia, and North America. We are eager to expand our reach to more customers and offer our services to other regions.

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