What Services Can We Provide?

Providing Professional Injection Mold Design Services

Professional Product Design, Mold Design and Mold Engineering

With Our Sophisticated Design, Powerful Technology And Precise Operation, Your Products Will Be Launched On Time

Molding Product Design

Product Design

We have an excellent design team to help our customers realizing their design ideal, including authenticity of product effect, reliable strength, reasonable structure and advanced manufacturing process.

Mold Design

The mold designers of First-rate Mold are sufficiently able to help our customers in developing their products from conceptual design to prototype and production based upon our rich experience in mold specialty.

Mold Making

We have rich experience in mold making, our professional skills of various molds such as injection mold, metal stamping mold, metal die-casting mold, powder metallurgic mold and etc.


We create concept models and fully detailed 3D component models for our customers. We also source rapid prototypes in SLA, 3D print and Laser Sintering for fit and function analysis where required.

Mold Engineering

Our team members possess abundant professional knowledge, rich experience in project management and outstanding communication ability to ensure successful implementation of customers’ projects.

Molding Analysis

The engineers simulate the molten polymer of a complex injection molding by finite element analysis software. Application of CAE technology is becoming more and more important…

About Us

Our company is mainly engaged in the design of precision injection molds (including export molds). The mold design standards include German HASCO standards, American DME standards, Japanese misumi/punch standards, etc.
Master technology: two color mold, screw product mold, arc core pulling, rotary core pulling!
Using mold design software for 2d/3d mold design can provide customers with detailed formal drawings and solve problems encountered in the mold manufacturing process.
With scientific and systematic design steps, mold design can reduce the number and cost of mold trials, greatly shorten the mold development time, and effectively control the mold development progress.
Design content (made according to different customers’ needs):
① DFM report of plastic mold review ② 2D assembly drawing of plastic mold ③ 2D part drawing marking of plastic mold ④ 3D structure formwork removal ⑤ mold bill of materials
“Professional design industry scope”
Mold design for mobile communication products, digital electronic products, auto parts products, printer peripheral products, daily necessities and other products.
Thank you for your support! Looking forward to cooperating with you!

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