• Die casting application: Die casting is one of the most advanced metal forming methods, currently focusing on aluminum alloy die casting.
  • Advantages: High die casting machine productivity, good product quality, high casting dimensional accuracy, product service life up to millions of times.
  • Strict Quality Control: experienced quality engineers and advanced quality equipment. We take strict quality control for every production process. 

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What We Do On Aluminum Die Casting Parts

Aluminum Die Casting, is the core of what we do. According to customers’ specific projects. We provide versatile die casting services and quality parts to customers in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Automotive: has been supplying parts for many car companies directly or indirectly, including fuel car or new energy cars and the related products are mainly: headlight radiator, battery compartment, throttle, etc.
  • Led: We provide kinds of led light die casting parts, such as: led street housing, led light fitting, we provide all kinds of led products as you need.
  • Medical: Medical devices and hospital equipment require exact and accurate components. Die castings can quickly meet this needs.
  • Home appliance High quality means best quality life, home appliance die casting products need attractive appearance and durable using, V1DIECAST can make it, and the related products are mainly: blender shells, coffee machine shells, etc.
  • Electrical: In today’s high-speed development of 4G/5G networks, V1Diecast also contributes to the supply of communication hardware. The relevant products are mainly: filters, shielding box shells, buletooth etc.

State-of-the-Art Die Casting Manufacturing Equipment

Quality Control Equipment

 With a complete set of high-precision measuring equipment, we always guarantee quality for you during the whole project life. 

We are committed to continuously improving our products and services with the ISO 14001, ISO9001, and IATF 16949 certificates. From material control and production to shipping inspection and packaging, our employees adhere to strict internal quality control processes to ensure that our customers receive quality products.

V1DIECAST: Die Casting Service

We manufacture and supply different industries’ die casting parts, each of which has been verified by production inspection procedures to provide the most quality products.

As one of the leading Die Casting manufacturers, V1DIECAST will give you the one-stop solution according to your specific projects, apply solutions based on your projects with our professional R&D team and operating engineers, providing professional technical and die casting services. 

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    Die casting production and manufacturing process

    martial testing

    Raw Material Inspection

    We control the incoming inspection process of alloy raw materials for production to ensure that the quality of the purchased products meets the specified requirements.

    Inspection items: Each batch of incoming materials shall be checked following the delivery note for name, specification and marking, packaging, composition, etc.

    Appearance: The surface should be neat, with no oil, no corrosion spots, no slag and non-metallic inclusions, consistent surface water pattern

    Marking: consistent marking, no missing mark, furnace number label is complete and clear

    Packaging: whether the packaging is consistent, there is no loose packaging situation

    Aluminium ingot melting and slagging exhaust

    Aluminium melting and casting turn liquid aluminium into aluminium ingots, bars or other shapes of finished or semi-finished products through dosing, mixing, resting, refining and slagging. In the melting and casting process, the aluminium alloy will have different degrees of loss due to oxidation, refining, slagging and other reasons. A refining de-gassing machine is necessary purification equipment for the non-ferrous metal casting industry. Effectively reducing the casting loss in the melting and casting process will produce significant results and bring considerable economic benefits.

    Mold Die Casting

    There are more than 10 sets of LK die-casting machines in the die-casting trial workshop to meet the requirements of different grades of aluminium alloys and the requirements of other die-casting materials to meet the requirements of different sizes of trial die castings.

    Mass production of die castings

    There are more than 10 sets of Hong Kong Likin die-casting machines in the die-casting workshop, together with a robot spraying system, robot pick-up and inlay system, die-casting gate cutting device, die-casting coding machine, quick mould change system, product conveying device, intelligent CNC post-processing and other automatic equipment to meet the requirements of mass production of castings.

    CMM Machine

    Gross Inspection

    Equipped with various casting inspection equipment such as three coordinates, X-ray flaw detector, spectrometer, contour meter, cleanliness meter, salt spray tester, etc. Ensure the quality of die castings

    Casting X-ray flaw detection

    In casting, castings often have the problem of trachoma, which can be detected by X-ray non-destructive testing equipment. Through the principle of X-ray transmission to detect the internal structure of the casting, the casting’s internal blemishes, cracks, shrinkage, shrinkage and other defects are easily shown on the computer screen, effectively detecting abnormalities in the production process of castings and providing effective guidance for timely improvement of inefficient processes.


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