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V1DIECAST is a professional manufacturer of die casting medical parts, providing the best quality aluminum castings with precise results for the medical  industry.

As a trusted partner, we specialize in die casting solutions for medical parts. We have 15 years of die casting experience and are equipped with advanced facility facilities to accommodate large and complex medical projects. 

Die Casting Medical Parts

If you find great quality and fast delivery die casting components, choose our V1Diecast. We can build up any parts from zinc and aluminum alloy, etc. The scope of part weight can begin from 0.10 kgs to 5 tons for every piece, according to your needs. 

Medical instrument base plate bracket die casting

Medical instrument - base plate bracket die casting

Instrument aluminum die-casting parts-medical instrument bracket lining plate

Medical instrument die-castingbracket lining plate

Aluminum castings for medical instruments-instrument holder base plate

Medical instrument die-castingbracket lining plate

medical diecast equipment

Medical Diecast Equipment

Medical Device Stands

Medical Device Stands

medical diecast equipment

Medical Device Accessories

Medical cart feet

Medical cart feet

Medical Accessories

Medical Accessories

Beauty Instrument

Beauty Instrument

Advanced Production For Die Casting Medical Parts

Mold Processing

Mold Production


Die Casting Machine

CNC Machines

CNC Machining

Spraying (paint, powder)

Surface Treatment

Keyence measuring instrument

Products Inspection



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V1 Medical Casting

With the ability to produce large quantities with high precision and accuracy, die casting provides the versatility and consistency required for high volume production of medical casting parts, ensuring products accuracy and smooth surface finishes eliminating the need for secondary operations, making die casting the manufacturing method of choice for durable medical devices and equipment. 

Die casting manufacturing medical parts and components are precision machined to very tight tolerances, and the high strength and durability metal parts are ideal for medical devices. At V1, through our 15 years of die casting experience, we bring our customers precision, well-made die-cast products, including the advantages of medical device die casting:

· State-of-the-art manufacturing technology, higher strength, and dimensional stability.

· Sophisticated design capabilities to produce complex geometries with tight tolerances.

· High volume production, less assembly, and cost-effectiveness.

· Excellent surface finish, and uniformity of die castings.

Medical die casting products including:

· Medical equipment castings, diagnostic equipment, ultrasound equipment

· medical beauty equipment base castings, medical beauty instruments, medical equipment aluminum castings

· Medical monitors, x-ray machines, electronically operated hospital beds, portable oxygen pumps, and many another high tech medical equipment

  • Vibratory deburring
  • Shot blasting
  • Polishing
  • Electroplating
  • Others

For specific medical casting products using different surface treatment methods, you can send your drawings to our professional engineer staff and contact us to help manufacture the perfect product.

The most commonly used alloys for medical castings are aluminum, aluminum-silicon, and aluminum-silicon-copper alloys. Aluminum provides the flexibility and durability you need for medical parts when strength and lightweight versatility are essential. Aluminum has a high melting temperature and is accessible to die-cast. It is also an ideal metal choice for high volume operations parts.

If you want to learn more about die casting materials, you can read this article: For the die casting alloys using, you need to know.

As an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified die casting manufacturer with 15 years of die casting parts production experience, our professional die casting experts will be at your service every step of the way, whether you have any questions, need a quote, or need technical support. With one stop service, excellent mold design and production, die casting production, precision machining parts, and surface treatment, we can help you get a batch of high-quality medical die casting parts and occupy a larger market.

You can send us 2D or 3D drawings to evaluate your project. Our professional engineers will communicate with you in detail and give you a reasonable quote, with a response time within 12 hours.

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