The Top 10 Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturers In China You Need To Know

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Here are the top 10 aluminum die casting manufacturers in China. And the ideas of how to choose the right die casting manufacturer for you

Top 10 aluminum die casting manufacturers in China 

  1. Xu Dong Die Casting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
  2. Dalian Yaming , Ltd
  3. Yadelin (Su Zhou) Co., Ltd
  4. Chongqing Dajiang Millison Die Casting Co., Ltd.
  5. Chongqing Yujiang, Ltd.
  6. Lijia Group, Ltd.
  7. Whencan (Guangdong)  Die Casting Co., Ltd
  8. Hongtai (Guangdong), Ltd
  9. XY Global Co., Ltd
  10. V1 diecast, Ltd

How to choose a quality die casting manufacturer

Many die casting factories are in the market, with different business specifications, services, prices, and die casting products quality. So as buyers or business owners, how should we choose a quality die casting manufacturer? How to judge the good or bad of the manufacturer? What is the reference basis? Here I will make a detailed analysis for you.

When choosing a die-casting factory, you may follow these principles: product quality, manufacturer experience, production capacity, secondary operation capability, and manufacturer service. In addition, die-casting product quality has high requirements for process requirements and machines, so you should choose the right manufacturer according to service and quality. Here are the details.

1、Die casting Parts Quality
A reliable manufacturer should have a quality control system to ensure its products meet internationally recommended standards. Quality management systems include iso9001, iso14001, itaf16949, and other certificates to ensure product quality.

2、Aluminum die-casting production capacity

Understanding the manufacturer’s production capacity, the manufacturer’s die-casting machine capacity and manufacturer size, professional technical personnel, and advanced machinery and equipment can provide customers with a full range of die-casting mold design services, with professional engineering technology to provide solutions for customers. When inquiring about production capacity, make sure you know the tolerance level of their machines, and choose according to your actual needs when selecting.

You need to keep your specifications in mind. Ensure you are clear on the thickness, weight, and size you want.

Always know and confirm the manufacturer’s production capacity so you will not encounter any problems.

3、Be able to deliver die-cast products on time

Another important factor you need to consider is the manufacturer’s ability to deliver the product on time. This factor is directly related to the company’s production capacity.

It would help if you chose a manufacturer who can guarantee faster product delivery. But they need to do this while maintaining high-quality standards.

It will ensure you get your products on time and don’t miss out on valuable business opportunities.

4、 Manufacturer service

Determine the efficiency of the manufacturer’s on-time response, and the efficiency of communication between the engineer and the project, the professional advice provided to you by the manufacturer’s engineer, such as which can make materials to determine the customized die-casting products we need if secondary processing is required, what is the secondary processing process, the charge, etc. A reliable aluminum die-casting manufacturer should be able to produce a wide variety of products, which provides you with many options to choose the right material for your product and ensure product quality.

If you want to know more about V1 Diecast, a professional aluminum die casting manufacturer in China. Please get in touch with us.



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