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  • CNC precision machining can carry out a variety of processes such as casting, welding, electroplating, heat treatment, machining, assembly, etc. It can directly change the size, shape, position, surface roughness and other properties of raw or semi-finished materials and pass it all into a finely processed and refined end product.
  • Our company has more than 150 sets of CNC, such as drilling and tapping machines and machining centres, which have excellent capabilities to satisfy customers’ larger die casting parts requirements.
  • Suitable for processing copper, iron, aluminium, zinc, stainless steel and other metals, the plane precision of 1M*1.4M can reach 0.05mm.
  • The one-stop solution we provide you with is a one-stop service integrating mould design and production, tooling, aluminium die casting, CNC machining & surface finishings.

Precision CNC Machined Parts We Manufacturing Experience From All Over The World

CNC precision machining we provide using advanced manufacturing technology, high-precision, high-efficiency automated processing equipment, and advanced control technology. 

The most common applications of CNC precision machining include small batch parts, custom CNC aluminium, high machining accuracy requirements, expensive parts, etc.

Helping Your Projects Succeed With Our High Precision CNC Machining

Types of Machining

    • Turning: Turning is rotating a tool into a tool that can scrape off or cut raw material and shape the turned material for increased accuracy and safety.
    • Drilling: Drilling is the process of drilling holes in raw material. Standard drill presses are one of the most classic types of machining.
    • Milling: Milling is cutting a hole in a material using a rotary tool. Milling uses a computer-controlled rotating cutting tool against a clamped piece of material. Let different shapes be cut, such as cutting the raw material in half or adding unique cuts.
    • Grinding: Grinding removes tiny amounts of material from flat and cylindrical surfaces.
    • EDM: EDM uses sparks transmitted from the electrode to the conductive workpiece surface via a dielectric fluid. This method can machine fine features, including small diameter holes, die cavities, etc.

Our experts can help you to fix the problems. When you don’t know which machining is suitable for your die casting products, please get in touch with us. V1DIECAST satisfy all your die casting needs and CNC machining requirements. Through our CNC machining service, you can find everything you need, at the same time, get high quality die casting products.

State-of-the-Art CNC Machining Manufacturing Equipment

V1DIECAST, with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ITAF 16949 certificates, offer high precision quality diecasting products, and using the advanced equipment offers a one-stop solution for CNC precision to your CNC machining parts.

CNC center
CNC Machines

Quality Control Equipment

 With a complete set of high-precision measuring equipment, we always guarantee quality for you during the whole project life. 

V1DIECAST: CNC Machining Service

We have a one-stop solution of die casting parts. You can customize and produce high-quality die casting parts according to your requirements.
To produce high-quality die casting parts, we maintain strict control over product quality, starting with sourcing materials and equipment. V1DIECAST has over 15 years experiences of die casting service, CNC precision machining, and surface treatment. Give our customers the best products.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to get the high-quality products and our best service. V1Diecast keep here to provide our best.

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