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How to Polish Surface Treatment?

Polishing is a processing method that uses mechanical, chemical or electrochemical action to reduce the surface roughness of a workpiece to obtain a bright, flat surface. It finishes the workpiece surface using polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media. Polishing methods and processes

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Sandblasting vsShotblasting vsBlasting

Definition of sandblasting, shot blasting, and shot peening Sandblasting Sandblasting is the use of compressed air as the power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray material (copper ore, quartz sand, diamond sand, iron sand, Hainan sand) high-speed spray to the surface of the

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How to Carry Out the Aluminum Surface Treatment Process?

Surface treatment: A protective layer can be formed on the product’s surface to protect the body after treatment by mechanical and chemical methods. It can achieve a stable state in nature, increase the body’s corrosion resistance and increase the product’s beauty, thus enhancing its value. The

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Zinc Alloy Die Casting Pre-Plating Treatment Points

Zinc alloy is mainly composed of zinc; it also contains about 4% aluminium and trace amounts of copper and magnesium. Zinc alloy dies castings are used in many applications, such as automobiles, architectural hardware, and household appliances, by plating a protective or decorative protective layer.

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deburring die casting parts

13 Methods of Aluminum Die Casting Deburring

Due to pressure impact and the clamping force being insufficient and other factors, die-casting burrs are inevitable. In recent years, with the increasing quality of die castings, the requirements for burrs have become more stringent, and the methods of deburring have also emerged. The deburring

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nickel plating workshop

The Complete Guide: Nickel Plating, Nickel Plating Aluminum

The method of plating a layer of nickel on metal or certain non-metals by electrolytic or chemical methods is called nickel plating. Nickel plating is divided into electroplated nickel and chemical nickel plating. Nickel-plated aluminum parts are popular with manufacturers and consumers for their excellent

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Casting oxidation

Anodizing Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Surface Finish

Anodic oxidation is a significant process for applications in various die casting products. The anodizing characteristics will affect the features of the final finishing products. Therefore, this article will give you a detailed overview of anodizing surface finish, you would learn your final product will

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decorated chrome plating

Chrome Plating Aluminum, Aluminum Attractive

Chrome plating is a metal surface treatment technique, is a thin layer process of  of chromium on metal. Chromium has two main roles, for decoration or as a protective layer. Chromium is chemically stable and does not react with most organic acids, sulfides, or bases, so chromium plating

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