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Classification and Typical Uses of Aluminium Alloys 

Aluminium alloys are one of the industry’s most widely used non-ferrous structural materials. They are used in a large number of applications in the aviation, aerospace, automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipping and chemical industries. The rapid development of the industrial economy has led to an increasing

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Aluminum die casting handle part(1)

You Want to know About the Copper Alloy Die Casting

Introduction to Copper alloys (brass, Bronze, copper) Brass The addition of zinc to copper increases the strength of the alloy and, at the same time, its plasticity, which is a very important function. 10-20% zinc alloy is called gold plating metal, used in jewellery and

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A380 aluminum alloy

A380 Aluminium Alloys: Properties, Applications and Advantages

Aluminum alloy type A380 is the most common specialized aluminum alloy because it combines the characteristics of easy casting, easy machining, and good heat transfer. It is highly resistant to shifting, pressure, and high-temperature splitting. It is used in various products, including motor equipment chassis,

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Magnesium Die Casting : Explain in Details

Magnesium alloy as a structural material because of its small specific gravity, high specific strength and stiffness, good thermal and electrical conductivity, good machinability, excellent damping and electromagnetic shielding, easy to process forming and recycling, so widely used in automotive, electronics, communications and other industries,

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electromechanical die casting product

What is zinc die casting?

Zinc die casting is a precision casting method that uses high pressure to force molten zinc metal into a complex shaped metal mold. Zinc die casting produces various parts and components in numerous industrial applications. Zinc is one of the most versatile die casting metals.

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aluminum auto die casting

What is Aluminum Die Casting? Intro, Applications, Pros…

Die casting injects molten metal under high pressure. High speed can make thin-walled parts with complex shapes, and the obtained casting has a fine grain, dense organization and high strength. The productivity of die-casting is high, so die-casting is widely used in automobiles, computers, communication

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