Your One Stop Solution Customized Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer in China

    • V1 Diecast Group offers one stop solutions for materials die casting manufacturing, including aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloys, etc.
    • With 15+ years of experience, our capabilities services include Die Casting Tooling, Aluminum Die Casting, CNC Machining, and Surface Finishings
    • With ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & IATF16949 certifications, we provide quality die casting parts for our customers according to your requirements, satisfy your needs and help you get the best quality products and faster promotion to the market.

Our Die Casting Capabilities:

Diecast Tooling

Die Casting Tooling is crucial to the success of aluminum die casting production.V1 diecast group is a fully functional and experienced aluminum die casting manufacturer in China. We are dedicated to manufacturing high-quality and reliable die casting toolings and aluminum die casting.As a professional die casting manufacturer, our strength lies in provide quality,cost-effective die cast tooling and die cast components to suit customers' requirements.

Die Casting Parts Production

With 280T to 1600T machines and two specialized die casting facilities, we have the highest capabilities to deliver the best quality parts for our customers. The broad scope of materials, machines, and years of experience help us make the exact product that meets your demand well.

CNC Machining

To meet our customers' reauirements worldwide, V1 Die Cast Group is equipped 23 sets of CNC Machining Center and 4 CNC Lathe in our die casting shop. This enables us to provide not only the machining for die casting parts but also provide machining from solid, extrusion, gravity casting, forging, etc. The high-tech engineering and expert workforce allow us to provide a precise and highly accurate CNC machining service according to your requirements.

Surface Finishing

We have Cleaning, Shot Blasting service in-house, and also specialized partners that allow us to offer various surface treatments in the form of Liquid Painting, Powder Coating, Chromate Conversion Coating, Anodize, Electroless Nickel, Silk Screening, Pad Screening, Laser carving, etc.

One Stop Die Casting Parts Production Capacity

As one of the top aluminum die casting manufacturers in China, our advantages are mainly due to our team’s good division of labor, numerous production lines, complete equipment, and advanced production technology. Therefore, with our engineer’s excenllent experience in die casting projects, our employees can perform very well in producing all materials types of die casting parts.

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