What is LED Die Casting?

Aluminum Die Casting for LED Lighting Industry Die casting has proven to be an effective method to produce different parts components in different materials: copper, zinc and aluminum alloys. The die casting process ensures dimensional accuracy and the finished product requires little or no machining,

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A380 Aluminum Alloy Die-Casting Defect Analysis

A380 aluminum alloy is widely used worldwide because of its physical, chemical, casting, and mechanical properties. During the machining process of a batch of A380 aluminum alloy parts produced by the die-casting method, it was found that some parts on the surface of the parts

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Aluminum die casting handle part(1)

You Want to know About the Copper Alloy Die Casting

Introduction to Copper alloys (brass, Bronze, copper) Brass The addition of zinc to copper increases the strength of the alloy and, at the same time, its plasticity, which is a very important function. 10-20% zinc alloy is called gold plating metal, used in jewellery and

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Zinc Alloy Die Casting Pre-Plating Treatment Points

Zinc alloy is mainly composed of zinc; it also contains about 4% aluminium and trace amounts of copper and magnesium. Zinc alloy dies castings are used in many applications, such as automobiles, architectural hardware, and household appliances, by plating a protective or decorative protective layer.

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