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V1DIECAST is a professional manufacturer of die casting automotive parts, providing the best quality aluminum castings with precise results for the automotive industry.

We can manufacture almost all aluminum automotive parts such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods, transmission housings, wheels, pump housings, carburetor housings, valve covers, steering housings, and clutch housings, and more. Our team has specialized industry knowledge and extensive experience in transportation and automotive.

 As a trusted partner, we specialize in die casting solutions for automotive parts, new energy automotive parts. We have 15 years of die casting experience and are equipped with advanced facility facilities to accommodate large and complex automotive projects. 

new energy die casting parts design
new energy car die casting parts design

Custom Automotive Die Casting Parts

If you find great quality and fast delivery die casting components, choose our V1Diecast. We can build up any parts from zinc and aluminum alloy, etc. The scope of part weight can begin from 0.10 kgs to 5 tons for every piece, according to your needs. Using the finishing is Glossy, matte, buffing, SS plating or electroplating, etc. The car interior parts we made, including the radiator, auto starter parts, drive motor housing burr-free and pockmark-free appearance, recyclable materials, lightweight, and good thermal performance.

Advanced Production For Auto Die Casting Parts

Mold Processing

Mold Production

LK 2000T die casting machine

Die Casting Machine

CNC Machines

CNC Machining

Casting shot blasting

Surface Treatment

Keyence measuring instrument

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    You Might Want To Know More About Auto Die Casting Questions:


    Aluminum has priority over any other metal in the automotive industry because it tends to provide lightweight and durable products. Aluminum can be recycled and reused in castings. It also makes it cost-effective. It meets the requirement of weight reduction and delivers fuel efficiency through automotive die castings.


    Zinc is easy to die cast and with many advantages for automotive die casting. With a lightweight, it increases the efficiency of automotive use. It also leads to lower costs in the die casting production process. Quality casting parts obtain using zinc die casting. It is corrosion resistant and is therefore used to manufacture the exterior of automobiles. Greater flexibility and greater strength make zinc a good candidate for automotive casting.

    Car lightweight, energy saving, and environmental protection

    Take a 1.3-ton car as an example. A 10% drop in car weight reduces fuel consumption by 8%. In other words, if the importance of the car drops by 10%, it can save 1L of gasoline per 100 km. Studies show that using aluminum in the automotive industry helps reduce CO2 emissions by about 50 million tons per year.

    Recyclable Aluminum parts ultimately save energy.

    Typically aluminum alloys are recycled at a rate of 85% or more. In the automotive industry, up to 95% of cast aluminum parts come from recycled aluminum alloys.

    Aluminum alloys are corrosion resistant, which helps extend the vehicle’s life.

    Under natural conditions, steel parts are susceptible to corrosion by moisture or other substances in the air. In contrast, cast aluminum parts rarely corrode. The dense oxide layer formed on the surface of aluminum castings prevents corrosion. At the same time, aluminum castings are suitable for various surface treatment processes such as anodizing, powder coating, and painting, increasing the corrosion resistance of aluminum castings.

    Casting aluminum automotive parts with widely used, helping improve driving stability and safety.

    Aluminum castings manufactured in auto parts greatly reduce the car’s weight, making driving more flexible, comfortable, and stable. Compared with steel parts, aluminum auto parts have better energy absorption and energy dispersion performance under the impact, making driving safer. For example, lighter cast aluminum wheels contribute to shock absorption in automotive wheels, which makes it possible to apply lighter buffers in automobiles. More lightweight cushions help to improve the stability of the car.

    Lightweighting is a constant goal for automotive designers when designing cars because lightweight means less fuel consumption and less pollution. In this process, durable and light aluminum castings play a key role in the lightweight design of automobiles. Especially in recent decades, the use of aluminum castings in the automotive industry has been steadily increasing. According to statistics, aluminum castings global production is growing more than 3% per year, and about 70% of aluminum castings parts use in the automotive industry. In these countries with a developed automotive industry, many aluminum castings are for automotive use. 

    V1Diecast we have our own oms system. Our customers can trade the whole production process on the OMS system and communicate with our engineer team for feedback on your needs.
    And also, we have ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF 16949 certificates, which make certain die casting products high-quality for our customers.

    The die casting products you need, with a professional R&D engineer team and operator team, communicate with you every time, great feedback and one-stop diecast service satisfy your requirements.

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