Aluminum alloy die-casting product use and die-casting characteristics

Aluminum alloy die-casting products use

Aluminum alloy die-casting products are mainly used in electronics, automobiles, motors, home appliances and some communication industries, etc. Some high performance, high precision and high toughness high quality aluminum alloy products are also used in large aircraft, ships and other industries with high requirements. The main use is still in the parts of some instruments.

Aluminum alloy die-casting characteristics

1. Wide range of die-casting, good castability
2. High dimensional accuracy of casting, low surface roughness
3. Good casting stability, high productivity
4. High metal utilization rate, easy to save production cost
5. High casting strength and surface hardness, suitable for CNC finishing

Aluminum die casting surface treatment

Aluminum die casting surface treatment commonly used are: electrophoretic paint, electroplating, oil blasting, sand blasting, shot blasting, anodizing, baking paint, high temperature baking paint, rust passivation and so on. Different surface treatment processes have different requirements for product resistance. Generally speaking, for alloy die castings, the main resistance tests include: neutral salt spray, RCA paper abrasion test, alcohol abrasion test, pencil hardness test, Hundred Gram test, etc.


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