Advantages and Difficulties of Aluminum Alloys Integrated Die Casting Technology

Integrated Die Casting Technology

As the current global leader in new energy vehicles, Tesla Model Y demonstrated the significant advantages of production efficiency improvement. The integrated die casting heat treatment-free process reduces the production cost and shortens the production cycle.

Under the leadership of Tesla, it is expected to lead a new process revolution in the automotive manufacturing industry. The basis of the integrated die-casting molding no heat treatment process is the technical barrier to be broken through is the development of new aluminum alloy materials. This article will take you to understand integrated die casting and the current advantages and difficulties of integrated die casting molding technology of aluminum alloy.

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Advantages of integrated die casting process

Integrated die casting of large parts is a subversion of the traditional automobile manufacturing process, ending the traditional automobile manufacturing first stamping and then welding, significantly reducing the complexity of the process and significantly shortening the production cycle. At the same time, the lightweight and cost reduction effect is significant. Specifically integrated die casting process advantages.

(1) Lightweight: the low-density characteristic of aluminum alloy is fully utilized in large structural parts, which is expected to reduce the body’s weight significantly.
(2)Efficient and cost reduction: Through one-time die-casting, the number of parts production lines and the welding process is reduced, thus shortening the production cycle.
(3) Improve the strength of parts: integrated die-casting avoids the strength reduction caused by welding while designing the parts without considering the elements such as mounting holes and mounting positions, thus using a more optimized engineering structure.


Difficulties of the aluminium integrated die casting process

Single piece large structural parts cannot be heat-treated at high temperatures. It is urgent to develop a new heat-treatment-free high toughness aluminum alloy material to replace AlSi10MnMg to reduce the heat treatment cost while ensuring that the material still has sufficient strength and toughness after molding.

Technical requirements of high strength and toughness aluminum alloy material without heat treatment

The aluminum alloy belongs to the Al-Si series aluminum alloy, introducing the Mn element to improve the release effect of the material and offset the adverse effect brought by the Fe element; introducing several other trace elements to refine the grain and improve the strength. And the material production allows adding a certain proportion of aluminum scrap, which can reduce the carbon emission of aluminum alloy production and help to reach the carbon neutral target as early as possible.

Die casting process of high toughness aluminum alloy material without heat treatment

Melting temperature: 

730 ℃±10 ℃, degassing time: 10-15 min, comparable to AlSi10MnMg; die-casting temperature: 700-710 ℃, about 20 ℃ higher than AlSi10MnMg; mold temperature: 120-180 ℃ (according to the actual situation of the product); die-casting parameters: can refer to AlSi10MnMg parameters (according to the actual situation of the product).

Process control: 

Melt purification degree (reduce slag and porosity content), vacuum degree assurance (mold sealing, vacuum exhaust), pre-crystallization control (molten cup aluminum liquid temperature, barrel heating, die-casting process).

Material verification:

(1) Test piece and flat die mechanical properties testing (natural aging time, baking process), welding, riveting, gluing, spraying, etc.

(2) Small castings: shock tower, etc.; mechanical properties of different positions (different natural aging time, baking process); medium-sized castings: subframe, rear longitudinal beam, etc.; mechanical properties of different positions (different natural aging time, baking process).

(3) large integrated castings: front cabin, rear floor, etc.; different location mechanical properties (natural aging time, baking process).


Process verification:

(1) Temperature: die casting temperature, mold temperature, etc.

(2)Speed: high speed, medium speed, etc.

(3)Pressure: Casting pressure.

(4) Time: die casting time, cooling time, pressurization time, etc.


Developing new aluminum alloy materials for integrated die casting without heat treatment provides a solid foundation for optimizing and expanding the integrated die-casting process for vehicle parts. The development, testing, application, and development trend of new aluminum alloy for integrated die-casting without heat treatment will be discussed and exchanged in-depth, which fully demonstrates its solid R&D capability and profound technology accumulation in the field of aluminum alloy raw material and shows its raw material’s wide application in many industries, to know more about new energy die-casting products or integrated die-casting technology discussion, you can contact us, we are professional with aluminum alloy die casting, automotive die casting, etc.


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